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Crypto Street Restaurant has been mentioned and have had stories written in the following:

Creative Loafing, January 10, 2022

Creative Loafing Tampa Bay There's a crypto-themed restaurant on Clearwater Beach Crypto Street Restaurant's menu is jam-packed with American and Cuban dishes named after the digital currency like “Crypto Cuban,”, “Blockchain... . 1 month ago ( 

TitlePress, January 11, 2022

There is a crypto themed restaurant on Clearwater Beach | Openings & Closures | Tampa - TittlePress

Horecatrends, January 11, 2022

Crypto Street Restaurant in Clearwater Beach Florida |

CoinTelegraph, January 12, 2022

NYC restaurant claims it will open for NFT holders only (

WFLA, January 13, 2022

WFLA Cryptocurrency-themed Clearwater Beach restaurant serving up ‘DogeDog’ hot dogs, ‘Crypto Cubans’ Crypto Street Restaurant serves up a variety of delicacies, all named, or soon to be named, after cryptocurrencies and the like. The menu... . 1 month ago

St. Pete Catalyst, January 14, 2022

Crypto-themed restaurant offers ‘Doge Dogs,’ ‘To The MOOOONNN!’ sundaes • St Pete Catalyst

Fox Business, January 15, 2022

Florida business owner creates crypto-themed restaurant | Fox Business Video, February 2022

Florida Crypto Restaurant offers crypto-themed dishes such as Hot Doges and Bitcoinana Splits - iNEWS (

ABC Action News, February 4, 2022

ABC Action News New crypto-themed restaurant opens in Clearwater Beach Crypto Street Restaurant accepts most cryptocurrencies for payment and features all things crypto on the walls with art murals and posters. Even... . 1 week ago

Tampa Tribune 2.png

We  recently had  an our restaurant and our story  featrued in the Tampa Tribune  edition  December 29th, 2021,   detailing how we came about and how the Crypto Community has been very welcoming.   Check it out here:  Clearwater Beach has a new crypto-themed restaurant with “Dogedog” hot dogs (

Zack Perry from ABC Action New recently interviewed Ricardo Varona & showcased our variety of great food we offer. The story featured our Crypto Cuban, Blockchain Club, Network Grilled Cheese, Dogedog, Tendies, Bitcoinana, & Sangria.   


Crypto Street Restaurant participated in Amplify Clearwater Chalktober Art Festival presented by Morton Plant Hospital in October 2021. Our sponsored artist, Laura Thomas: The Denver Artist AKA La-T-DA; made a fantastic representation of our restaurant, Doge to the Moon! The interactive 3D Art Rendition, provided a great canvas for guests to take pictures and interact with the Doge in the rocket.

Crypto Street Restaurant was featured on Alexandre Lores You Tube channel Alexandre Lores - YouTube.   Alexandre Lores is well known in the Crypto space as a    Crypto  analyst & promoter. He is also known for his website The Latest Block - The Cutting Edge of Crypto & Fintech News. It was pleasure having him and his wife, Miriam Lores at our Grand Opening and are thrilled to have had the opportunity to be invited into his Crypto community and have our restaurant on his You Tube channel. We are very grateful for Alexandre Lores taking interest in our vision for a restaurant that incorporates Crypto Currencies and also accepts Cryptocurrency for payment as well.

Taste Fest 2021.jpg

We participated in our first public event in Amplify Clearwater’s Tastes Fest September 2021 held at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. As we continued our set up for our grand opening, we were able to give the Clearwater Community a sneak peak of our menu offering our Charcutier platters and Heidi’s Famous Chili; all while we displayed Crypto Currency décor & information.

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